Sermorelin is a growth-hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) analogue used clinically to assess growth hormone secretion. It is of interest to researchers for its ability to improve bone density, reduce scaring, fight the effects of dementia, and reduce seizure activity.


Sermorelin is an FDA-approved secretagogue that stimulates the pituitary gland to release Human Growth Hormone (hGH).

Sermorelin injections can be used in Growth Hormone Restoration to optimize hGH levels in the body.

Sermorelin Acetate performs the same function as Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). GHRH is produced by the hypothalamus and is responsible for triggering the release of hGH. By causing a similar effect, Sermorelin is useful in elevating hGH levels.

Sermorelin is available as a subcutaneous injection, though your provider may recommend an intramuscular injection depending on your dosage and needs.

Benefits of Sermorelin Injections

Studies have shown that Sermorelin and Growth Hormone Restoration have several benefits.

Improved brain function and alleviated mood disorders.

Sermorelin-stimulated growth hormone production seems to have a positive effect on the brain. Improved brain function has been observed shortly after administration of Sermorelin injections.

The tie between GH and mental function has been established. In a study of patients who produced little to no GH, providers saw decreased brain function, lowered work capacity, depression, self-isolation, mood swings, and anxiety. Study participants also struggled with retaining information, short-term and long-term memory, and motor skills like hand-eye coordination. 

Another study reported that depressed men release much less GH during the first three hours of sleep compared to non-depressed study participants. Sleep is the primary time when the body releases GH.

These studies, in addition to reports from men and women who experience benefits after increasing their GH levels using Sermorelin injections, demonstrate that increased GH affects the human brain in a positive way.

Easing the side effects of aging.

As we age and our hormone levels decrease, many patients find that Sermorelin injections alleviate aging symptoms.

Reported benefits include:

  • Sleeping better and having more energy
  • Improved body composition, with less fat and more muscle
  • Faster healing and recovery after exercise, injury, and/or surgery
  • Improved cognition and better memory
  • Elevated mood and relief from depression